Anise Capital was founded to be a socially – and environmentally – conscious firm with a focus on opportunistic, value-add, and direct club-deal investments.

People who live in foresight rather than in hindsight and live on the edge of cultural trends are building the future. Building tomorrow is a work of many hands and minds, and success depends on the help of a partner who recognizes that. This is our very aim and our ecosystem at Anise Capital. We are engaged in strategies that maximize our partners and drive effective investments. Creating investment vehicles that transfer ad hoc capital through various asset classes and sectors is our expertise.

“Being a good neighbor for everyone is not a dream. It is a transformation of strategy.”

Our Strategy / Expertise

We offer multi-strategy, direct investment solutions in private equity and growth capital to finance and support the development of mature SMEs. These are SMEs seeking additional capital to accelerate their growth or help with transfer problems such as change of management, exit of a majority shareholder and so forth.

We offer flexible and customized investment vehicles to our partners in order to ensure alignment of investors’ tax, regulatory, fiscal, geographic, and sector needs.

Anise Capital applies a rigorous screening process for its investments (commercial, technical and financial risks examined) with a short investment period (between 3 to 5 years). Our established network of industry players in each focus area allows us to identify attractive opportunities in emerging markets with untapped potential for growth and appreciation. As part of the investment process, we conduct detailed legal, fiscal, financial, regulatory, and technical diligence for each opportunity.

We draw on our teams and partner’s precise transaction and investment expertise to create the appropriate deal structure to ensure all party’s interests are properly aligned.

We monitor assets to ensure goals are met and push the team to constantly generate favorable returns to our partners. Property development – Anise Capital has a dedicated team that invests in a diversified manner in property development and property trading operations. These operations are both residential and commercial, taking place throughout the United States and always alongside a range of promoters selected for their experience and specialist knowledge.

Finding the best way to dispose of investments with limited exposure and downside to investors. Preparing the disposal phase early on is just as important. This allows each investment to reach its targeted strategic and financial goals in order to maximize return to investors.

Renewable energies – be they wind, solar panels or bio gas – have demonstrated steady growth due to shifts toward cleaner energy sources and increased government regulations. As Anise Capital we are big believers in sustainability and a greener world, thus support businesses with a similar mindset.

Key Stages

A Creative Process & Mindset

“When I founded Anise Capital, I aimed to combine my direct M&A advisory experience with a desire to create a lasting, sustainability-focused fund that generates alpha for all through direct private equity investments, complete infrastructure investments and Portfolio Stability with tangible assets. Combined with Anise Capital ‘s principles of innovation, versatility and trusted results, an ambitious and motivated team strives to make a sustainable and greener world.”


Our Team

Ilan Elbase
Ilan ElbaseManaging Partner
Ilan graduated from ESSEC Business School in France and holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Richmond. He began his career in New York at lucrative investment banking firms Société Générale, Goldman Sachs and Credit Agricole. Ilan was also Director at Cambon Partners, a boutique M&A investment bank, for five years. He closed and was involved in many transactions. (M&A, Fundraising, Leverage operations). Ilan transposed the entrepreneurial skill he acquired from his experience at Cambon Partners into creating Effective Capital in 2012 and Anise Capital in 2015. Ilan is focused on Anise Capital’s investment strategies, transaction structuring, financing and capital raising as well as overseeing operations at the firm
Abdullah Kabbani
Abdullah KabbaniAssociate
At Anise, Abdullah sources and evaluates new investment opportunities and also provides on going support and oversight for a number of Anise Capital’s current portfolio companies.

Abdullah earned his B.A. in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Economics from the University of Miami.

Growing up with a business oriented family, his inspiration in innovation and problem solving continues to break through challenges and brings value to the team.

Javier Ferrer
Javier FerrerAssociate
Javier graduated from the Herbert Business School at the University of Miami and holds a Masters of Science in Business Analytics as well as Bachelor of Arts in Finance.

His experiences in Data Science merges with his work at Anise Capital, applying a systemic way of thinking to bring solutions and look for data driven opportunistic investing