Focus Area

Based on a unique ecosystem, we can explore deals others cannot easily do. With our extensive network of partners who bring additional knowledge and experience to investments, we develop the best strategies to guarantee long term value creation. Our model allows full focus on each deal, maximizing intrinsic value without losing expertise. By making investment decisions based on individual deals, we are free from artificial size, time or structural constraints, allowing us greater flexibility. Investing in fewer deals in our areas of expertise allows us to partner with more companies, providing ongoing support and added value.

Private Equity

Direct investment solutions in private equity create appropriate deal structure to ensure all party’s interests are properly aligned. We will form new partnerships. We can really invest in support of ambitious entrepreneurs, not limited by a portfolio logic or restrictive time horizons. By managing various types of companies, we can efficiently promote growth and innovation. We work together to generate sustainable value for sustainable results.

By curating an investment platform dedicated to the alignment of all capital and social partners, Anise Capital is perfectly positioned to combine these commitments with a refreshing lens of social impact. With flexible capital structures tailored to each invest, our unique deal insights, precise due diligence, and entrepreneurial mindset seeks the msot attractive risk-adjusted returns for all involved.


Collaborating with global network of professionals in hospitality, real estate, and communication to establish property development operations and long-term investment with a focus on sustainability. 

Anise Capital capitalizes on its knowledge of users (operators, managers and retailers) and on its sectoral expertise for its core business dedicated to investment property by launching long-term property investments and seeking opportunities with regular financial flows. Its purpose is to invest in managed residences, hotels, commercial premises and logistics. Anise Capital operates on an opportunistic strategy that, with its partners, is also likely to generate the creation of added value.

Tangible Assets

Part of Anise’s investment strategy focus on tangible assets in various sectors, such as aviation, with opportunistic capital deployments. Investing in tangible assets provides portfolio stability given that these investments produce reoccurring cash flow and are secured by assets.

These strategies could include asset financing involves purchasing and lending tangible assets to companies looking to make capital investments. This sector has shown solid growth over the last five years as companies have been faced with shrinking access to credit and are turning to private investment firms for their financing needs and advisory.