Our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

General questions

The best way to contact us is to use the contact form here. One of our team-membre will reach out shortly.

The minimum investment amount is $100,000 for most of our investment. Deal-by-Deal investment opportunities may be lower do not hesitate to reach out to get more information.

Investors typically exit through the sale of properties within the fund, at the end of the investment period, or through secondary markets if available.

Accredited investors typically include individuals or entities meeting certain income or net worth thresholds as defined by securities regulators.

Questions regarding IRAs

Investing in Anise Capital deals through your IRA can yield significant tax benefits. You may enjoy up to a $66,000 tax-deductible contribution per year. Additionally, it’s important to note that capital gains grow tax-free or tax-deferred, depending on the account type.

The majority of our investment opportunities are IRA-approved, meaning our custodian has completed all IRS compliance processes, confirming the legal eligibility of these deals for IRA contributions. Contact us for information on our current investment opportunities.

Absolutely. Anise Capital offers a 401(k) plan allowing your employees to diversify their retirement strategy through real estate investments. Employers can opt to open their 401(k) plans to enable employees to benefit from Anise Capital’s real estate investment offerings.

Fund distributions are deposited into the same account where the investment is held. For instance, if you invest in the ACORE Opportunity Fund through your IRA, distributions will directly enter your IRA.

Contributing beyond the limit or making a regular IRA contribution for 2019 (or earlier) to a traditional IRA at age 70 ½ or older results in excess IRA contributions. These excess contributions incur a 6% annual tax until withdrawal. To avoid this tax, withdraw the excess amounts and associated income from your IRA by your individual income tax return’s due date (including extensions).

Opening an account with our partner, AET Trust, incurs no initial cost. However, account holders face a $300 annual fee. For a comprehensive fee schedule, please contact Anise Capital.

Yes. The structure of this Fund allows investments from self directed IRAs.

An LLC may be used to purchase real estate, but it is not required.

Rental income/sale proceeds from the investment goes directly into the IRA, and your money is sheltered from taxes while it grows.

Fund distributions are deposited into the same account that holds the investment. If you invest in the ACORE Opportunity Fund through your IRA then any distributions will be deposited directly into your IRA.