Ways to Invest

The Anise Capital Investment Platform offers a tailored structure designed to align with your unique investor profile through its investment channels.

Retirement Accounts

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IRA 2023 Campaign
Add Real Estate to your IRA

Invest with your Self-Directed IRA within real estate portfolio across the U.S. With your retirement account, enjoy the same benefits as direct investments.

  • Own your future and manage your investment within your self-directed Retirement Account (IRA)
  • Generate Capital Gains with Tax Benefits
  • Benefit Tax-Deductible Contributions this Year
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Direct Investments

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Deal by Deal

Build a bespoke real estate portfolio, one investment at a time, from a selection of high-quality investment structures.

  • Manage your risk and investment strategy.
  • Choose your investment timeline and strategy.
  • Unlock potential liquidity with deal-by-deal offering available on secondary market.

Secondary Market

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Secondary Market

Get a potential liquidity every quarter on the secondary market. The Anise Capital Secondary Market matches buyers and sellers of private real estate. It is a dynamic exchange offers great opportunities to value investors, while sellers get unprecedented access to potential liquidity.

  • Access liquidity
  • Increase flexibility
  • Compress your investment horizon
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