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Open or Transfer your Self-Directed IRA to invest in Private Equity Real Estate across the United States within Anise Capital’s investment opportunities.

Invest with
tax advantages

All investments made inside your Self- Directed IRA plan grow without tax. Qualified distributions from a Roth account are TAX FREE. Investments are backed by real assets.

Cash Flow
& Appreciation

Real Estate is a long-term wealth generator. Generate a steady income with rental properties, score big with a renovation/flip, or hold until it’s the right time to sell.

Diversify for
your future

During market volatility, real estate can be a relative safe haven with a low correlation to stocks and a stable income stream. Real estate is arguably the best investment for retirement savings.

Why Real Estate?

Real estate is valuable in any economic climate. In times of uncertainty it is essential. Investments in private real estate provide essential portfolio diversification, along with the ability to build long-term wealth. Real estate can also deliver stable income throughout the life of the investment and sizable long-term returns.

IRA Real Estate Investing
with Anise Capital

Create or Transfer your Account

Open an online IRA account via our website. Upon receipt of your application, the account will be created, and the transfer request sent out within 24-48 hours of receipt.

Find an Investment Opportunity

Via our portal, you can learn more about the different real estate projects that we are currently offering and select the one that aligns more with your retirement goals.

Fund the Investment

Fund your account using a Deposit (ACH, Wire or Check) or a Transfer Request to get started. In case of transfer, our custodian AET Trust will forward a transfer request form to your old custodian within 1 to 2 business days of receipt for easy transfers.

Ready To Invest

Once the previous custodian sends the account balance and it clears (checks take 7-10 business days) the account is funded and ready to be self-directed. The minimum cash balance to keep the account open will be $325.

Account that we Custody

Small Business Retirement Plans

Business Owners Oriented

  • Retirement account that a Self-Employed Person or Employer can create.
  • 2023 Contribution limit: $66,000 Tax-Deductible.
  • The capital gains grows taxdeferred.
  • No IRA report needed Ø 2023 Contribution limit: $66,000 Tax Deductible.
  • If employee contribution, you need to match its contribution.

Small Business Retirement Plans
Simple IRA

Business Owners Oriented

  • When an Employer (incl. Self- Employed) can contribute, if they have less than 100 employees.
  • 2023 Contribution Limit: $15,500 Tax-Deductible as an employee.
  • The capital gains grows taxdeferred.
  • If employee contribution, you only have to match its contribution for 2-3% of its salary.

Traditional IRA

Individuals Oriented

  • Contributions grow tax deferred
  • Gives immediate tax benefits
  • Contribution limit for 2023: $6,500 ($7,500 if you are 50+)
  • No income limitations to opening a Traditional IRA.

It may be a good option for those who expect to be in the same or lower tax bracket in the future.

Roth IRA

Individuals Oriented

  • A Contributions grow tax free
  • No current-year tax benefits
  • Contribution limit for 2023: $6,500 ($7,500 if you are 50+)
  • No mandatory age for withdrawals.
  • Contribution eligible under a certain income level

An individual who expects to be in a higher tax bracket at withdrawal.

Why Anise Capital?

By transforming assets for social and environmental impact, our experience and network have merged to create our signature, divergent technique that helps us evaluate any and all investment possibilities.

Why Now?

Real estate has historically proven to be an attractive hedge against inflation. It is typically a more stable asset class than stocks or bonds, both of which are closely tied to market cycles.

Why You?

Take control over your financial future by joining our investment opportunities. Put our competitive track record of historical success to work for you.

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