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Aisen Residences is a boutique brand that provides luxury living experiences in thriving markets, launching first in the New York City market. We prioritize the location of their properties and aim to offer residents a luxurious lifestyle with premium amenities and upscale finishes. The brand is committed to seek out new investment opportunities and provide exceptional living experiences the communities we develop.

The Aisen Residences are a collection of spaces that have either been newly remodeled or constructed in desirable locations and amenities for maximum convenience.

  • Delivered ready-to-be-furnished, contemporary and sophisticated spaces with floor plans designed to maximize space and for the new kind of dweller.

  • Focus on re-integration of common areas and comfort for remote work.

  • Thoughtful construction that extends our green footprint and is cost-effective but high quality.

  • Onsite laundry and enhanced comfort/privacy.

  • High-speed, commercial-grade WiFi optimized for connectivity in every spot at no additional cost.

  • Property services: On-call maintenance team making sure home is in tip-top shape, always.

Integrate external partnerships to keep offerings fresh and explore new organic experiences.

Create social impact by merging brands with local cultures and becoming an active participant in the community.

We integrate services, processes, and businesses that support renewable energy and a greener world.

We utilize and re-think space and assets available as flexible spaces and think outside the box.

Bainbridge Residence

A 4-story one-of-a-kind boutique multifamily building will boast 4 luxurious units, each occupying a full floor, with a total gross square footage of 5,400. The property is ready for value-add by utilizing its existing air rights and undergoing renovation to add two additional floors on top of the current building. This renovation is located in the highly coveted New York metropolitan area and trendy neighborhood in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. The new development will be part of the Aisen Residence collection and mark our third project in the area.

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Evergreen Residence

A fully-approved boutique three-unit multifamily ground up development with a total net area of 4,200 square feet, part of the Aisen Residences collection. The lot size is 2,000 square feet and is located at 424 Evergreen Ave, allowing our building to have 20 feet of frontage on Evergreen Ave and is New York City, one of the world’s most famous real estate capitals.

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Dekalb Residence

Four-story multifamily ground-up development with a total gross area of 6,000 square feet and 7 total units. The lot size is 2,500 square feet and is located at 1580 Dekalb Ave, allowing our building to have 25 feet of frontage on Dekalb Ave and is in New York City, one of the world’s most famous real estate capitals.

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