What Are Experts Saying about Shopping-Center Art?

Shopping centers are turning to art to attract shoppers. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, art is seen as an attraction that does not necessitate large, dense gatherings to enjoy. This attraction in turn promotes the idea of shopping centers as community focal points.

We are excited about developing features that will be integrated into our latest development in Toledo, OH – The Toledo Walls Plaza – not only to convey the past of Toledo’s Mural Trail, but also to support the community in various ways, such as promoting local history and values.


By providing pictures of and posting about shopping-center art on social media, shoppers are able to personalize their experience at these centers, thus increasing the centers’ online exposure. This social-media practicality of art compliments its natural, decorative purpose.

The colorful, modern art features that will adorn Toledo Walls Plaza will afford patrons their own opportunities to enhance their shopping experience by engaging social media in this manner.


Shopping-center artists have implemented historical and social themes that are particularly relevant to the geographical areas in which the centers are located. For example, New York’s Westfield World Trade Center was decorated with art features that celebrated Black History Month, which attracted more foot traffic and allowed shoppers to educate themselves about the African Diaspora in New York.

Toledo Walls Plaza’s art features will be created by local artists who thoroughly understand the unique, local thematics of Toledo that distinguish it from other cities, such as automotive culture, medical history, glass, and other art. By implementing these themes into the Plaza’s art, the Plaza will grant visitors a convenient way to learn about this city. For the city’s locals, the art will serve asa reminder of Toledo’s values that the city constantly takes pride in.

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